I tend to be quirky and sometimes a little odd, in person and on my blog. I’m dedicated to thinking outside the box, with varying degrees of success. My hope is that this will be like an Un-Blog in the sense that I would like to encourage conversation in the comments section. Hopefully those who read and are struck in some fashion by what I post will be encouraged to take a Time Out to share similar and opposing views, along with other items of note. Why coffee? My belief is that it is during the sharing of food and/or drink that the best conversations happen. So bring a cup of your favorite beverage (cocktails are allowed), pull up a comfy chair and stay for a chat.

Winter in Barrow

Like the rest of the world, Barrow has recently been dealing with winter weather extremes. In Barrow, however, this is expected. After all it is winter and we are well into the Arctic Circle. One day last week we went from -28 degrees to 14 degrees above zero in the space of an hour. This […]


There is Chaos and then there is CHAOS

Some years ago I attended culinary school in the hope of revitalizing a long career in cooking that I no longer loved. I hoped at the time that the joy of cooking would return. It did, but more despite culinary school than because of it. I had thought that going into culinary school with some […]



When I landed in Logan I had a lot of mixed feelings about attending the Uncon. I wondered if I would meet people I would like and who would like me. I wondered if I was going to enjoy any of it –in part because I was not feeling any kind of creative vibe and […]