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Winter in Barrow

Like the rest of the world, Barrow has recently been dealing with winter weather extremes. In Barrow, however, this is expected. After all it is winter and we are well into the Arctic Circle. One day last week we went from -28 degrees to 14 degrees above zero in the space of an hour. This was the Arctic’s dramatic way of announcing that snow was on the way. We had maybe 4 inches, but along with it came howling westerly winds and negative wind chills. Again, this is pretty typical for our location. One of the older gals I work with [ ... ]
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There is Chaos and then there is CHAOS

Some years ago I attended culinary school in the hope of revitalizing a long career in cooking that I no longer loved. I hoped at the time that the joy of cooking would return. It did, but more despite culinary school than because of it. I had thought that going into culinary school with some cooking experience would have prepared me to cope with cooking as a class of twenty-something and perhaps it did in certain ways. I knew what much of the equipment is and even a good share of the sanitation and safety rules that accompany food. However, the [ ... ]
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When I landed in Logan I had a lot of mixed feelings about attending the Uncon. I wondered if I would meet people I would like and who would like me. I wondered if I was going to enjoy any of it –in part because I was not feeling any kind of creative vibe and hadn’t for quite a while, but mostly because this was to be the final farewell to my friend and sister of choice, Lisa Threadgill. Originally Lisa and I were going to come to Uncon together. We both loved the idea of going to Salem, with [ ... ]
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